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Welcome to The Cast Files, an X-Files Podcast through a Modern Lens. Join Kristen Riley and Daive Reed as they experience the unexplained alongside Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Coming of age in the 90s they‘re constantly shocked at smoking inside, the prevalence of repressed memories and the Satanic Panic, prolific religious and other magic, amongst other things that may or may not age well. From aliens to cryptids, ghosts to shadow government agencies, will they remain skeptical or become true believers?

Season 2 Episode 15 - Fresh Bones

February 16th, 2022

Chester's fries have vanished but that's not the only magic we get this episode.

Apology: Late in the episode Kristen says "regular religion" which she 100% apologizes for and acknowledges as an ignorant thing to say. She won't make this a non-apology by explaining it away and is sorry to have said it and failed to catch it in the moment.

Show Notes: article by Danielle DeSimone Military Suicide Rates Are at an All-Time High; Here’s How We’re Trying to Help

Veve - Wikipedia

The Pharmacology of Zombies by Wade Davis (Paywall :( )

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